United We Stand
United We Stand
Oil on Canvas 1996

Inspiration, another very important component of art, is truth filtered through the sensibilities of an artist. It can also be a premonition. It is important that it be clear, legible and accomplished; just like a writer is sentence, which in order to be grammatically correct must contain: the subject, the verb, and the object. Be careful not to be overly concerned with the essentials. To write a hundred times “The Rose is Beautiful and Scented:, will not create a poem or a poet.

Tito MAAN Mangiola








The art of TITO, a perfect partnership of composition and an acute sense of the volume of bodies… a genuine and unmistakable way of coping with the pleasures and pains of life. …

… Dominant theme: his homeland and its people, their joys and atavistic grief amidst wisdom and folly, amidst tradition and progress. … Man is conceived not as a free individual, but as a prisoner of his own social status, acting always as a member of a community. He turns his back on the world because he feels deceived, he withstands humiliation and sacrifice, he works hard for a living , but deep within his soul a light of hope shines. … As Brueghel felt the influence of Bosch, Tito has perhaps felt in the underground of his consciousness, the influence of Brueghel in the richness of technique, but not as to the burlesque side of the figures, which was so spontaneous in Brueghel… Tito’s characters experience the atmosphere of modern times, where wealth and misery always confront one another in a lacerating, incurable manner. …
Renata Marchi

Translation by Paulina Grace Notary Public , State of Florida

Review notes appear inside Michelangelo Art Revue, Edizione “La Ginestra” June 1977


La Mascarade
La Mascarade
Oil on Canvas 1993











Review notes appear inside the newspaper

“ La Gazzetta del Sud” by Mimmo Calabro`

…The vocation for painting instilled into Tito MAAN has caused him to be defined as “the painter who, rather than painting, writes with his brush.” …

His painting, through its colors, subjects, backgrounds and trends, expresses the strong-willed and vigorous character of this artist. …

Severely tried by life and the neighborhoods in which he has found himself, Tito MAAN, who feels within himself the palette and all of its fascination, today reconciles himself with himself and with life by painting. …

Although at times a certain contrast is noted, perhaps generated by the artist’s state of mind, all of his works seem more like engraving than painting; one perceives the spirit of the artist, who has sought to renounce himself and has found a way of doing so. …